The agency unites a complementary cluster of highly specialized strategic and creative abilities focused on the fashion, fragrance and luxury market. We thus come equipped with a profound understanding of the design and manufacture, the emotionality and aspiration of luxury products.

We are able to capture and communicate the particular promise inherent in these “intimate artworks of daily life”, consistently realizing effective, holistic solutions for our international customers. Our approach is global; our standard is specialist. For us, luxury is not excess or ostentatiousness. It is expertise, quality and sustainability.


We offer skilled services in: Brand development & strategy; advertising; retail marketing & communication; corporate, packaging and showcase design; shop concept, and corporate editing. Bel Epok, in the persona of a designer of character and substance, perceives the customers’ product as something of unique and equal character, worthy of respect. Mutual respect for the product is the best foundation for a successful collaboration. We pride ourselves on always giving an honest evaluation, on maintaining integrity of purpose and a clear line of communication with our customers. Our solutions are flexible. Our honest opinion is non-negotiable.


Whatever our role, the work of BEL EPOK always centers on the product, which must be coherent and harmonious. We must first fully apprehend the project emotionally and aesthetically, always in respect to brand cultural heritage. It is essential to maintain a holistic viewpoint, which means drawing, in a discerning manner, on references from the fine arts, cultural history and popular culture.