C.F. BUCHERER | Special Mailing




Bel Epok regularly supports Swiss heritage jeweler Bucherer in its VIP gifting program. When our client decided to commission a special tea light holder featuring a feather motif, they again turned to us for product, production and sourcing expertise. After careful consideration, we proposed porcelain lithophany as the perfect medium for realizing the exclusive gift product. From the Greek lithos, stone, and phanos, transparent, this ancient decorative art brings the filigree feather pattern to life in an exquisite object offering lasting value, service and enjoyment. The proposal was rounded off with our own custom-designed gift box packaging with enclosed fan-folded booklet featuring purpose-generated text. 

Bel Epok succeeded in sourcing one of the last traditional porcelain manufacturers in Germany still skilled in the rare lithophane technique to design and produce the limited edition Bucherer product. The agency managed the entire pre-production and manufacturing process, a series of complex production steps. The result is a captivating creation that is both an objet d’art and a practical companion for daily life: just what the client ordered.

 Service spectrum: Evaluation of options for realizing the desired product; concept/design of packaging and companion booklet; producer sourcing; production preparation; coordination and supervision of all aspects of production.