Applying our signature attention to detail, we developed an iconic primary and secondary packaging concept for HUMIECKI & GRAEF designed to stand, pars pro toto, for the luxury artistic perfume brand as a whole. A key design challenge was to create a basic concept easily adaptable to suit the individual fragrances of the collection. With its streamlined form, the flacon offers a maximal view of the perfume within. Only the cap and the band around the bottle are customized to reflect the theme of the individual scent. The secondary packaging is notable for its subtle and sophisticated blind embossing. Here, too, the motif is individually adapted to express the theme of each perfume in the collection.

Our service spectrum: Development of overall concept; design; technical execution; supplier sourcing; production supervision.


ABÎME features an Absolute of Narcisse Noir from the Auvergne in a concentration rarely found in a fragrance. Centered on this sultry floral the scent uses heady mix of select ingredients to express the universal experience of human torment and heartache. Southeast Asian balsams contribute a pungent spiciness while juniper essence and the leaves and resin of the eucalyptus give a savory astringent edge. Oakmoss and Rockrose Labdanum add woody, sensual earthiness and patchouli lends a musky floral note. Vanillin brings a sweet, warm and comforting touch and a blackberry accord rounds off the new eau de toilette concentreé with the tart sweetness of wild forest fruits.


NOUVEAU-NÉ has at its core the elixir of life, the nectar of the gods – honey. In this case from the Provence, God’s own country, as some say. Liatrix, with its dry, powdery leafy sweetness and Hay Absolute temper the sticky sweet of the French honey. True Calabrian Bergamot lends its unique tangy citrus zest. Basil Grand Vert gives fresh herbal vibrancy and ginger and pumpkin add rich, spicy warmth. Like hope itself, this rare eau de toilette concentreé is liquid sustenance for the soul, simultaneously soothing and invigorating.


Inspired by the depth and electrifying promise of a chance reunion with a kindred spirit.

Fresh green foliage meets the earthy warmth of calamus, orris, ginger and galbanum roots in a union of harmonious contrasts. Violet and olive leaves, wild sage and lavender add a dry herbal note, softened by sweet almond and cardamom milk and vanilla bean. Sandalwood and muguet bring warmth and floral tenderness. A lush verdant scent, invigorating yet soft and soothing; intimate yet fresh.


Inspired by the deep Slavic soul.

Lovage, an uncommon ingredient in perfumery, combined with absinth, Roman chamomile, barley extract, frankincense, myrrh and sensuous musk notes create a deep raw-yet-tender elegance.


Inspired by the proud regal stance of a mother.

A disassembled rose note lends the scent its clear, metallic aspect. A specially created lime tree blossom adds a warm supple touch. Cassie absolute gives Clemency its distinctive flowery note, while complex wood and leather elements softened with milk notes render the fragrance strong yet simultaneously velvety soft.


Inspired by the deepest bond between human beings.

Blask combines pungent bay leaf oil with the full-bodied elegance of rich red wine. A woody, balsamic walnut note lends a warm sense of maturity and intimacy. A selection of floral notes adds a soft, playful yet enticing element. A distinct new interpretation of an oudh scent.


Inspired by the clarity of a futuristic remake of an Eau de Cologne.

A cool tingling feeling on the skin is achieved by the combination of fresh banana skin notes, tangy mandarin, Italian lemon, revitalizing peppermint leaves, rhubarb juice and a bamboo juice chord.


Inspired by ecstatic joy on the cusp of sentimentality.

The intense, almost breathtaking aroma of wild red berries fused with frozen orange, peach kernel, green pineapple, Vietnamese coriander, green violet and “immortelle absolute” turn this moment into a visceral experience.


Inspired by the inimitable feeling of being at one with the moment.

Gentle primrose joins with narcissus absolute to create a subtle floral scent. Buffalo grass and musk notes combine in a soft, warm composition brought to harmonious perfection with notes of grapefruit, saffron and vetiver.


Inspired by a woman’s ardent love for a much younger man.

The softness of the young man’s skin and the warm maturity of the woman are made tangible in fragrance through the interplay of soft amber and musk notes, wild pine resin and a modern interpretation of violet notes.


Inspired by the destructive, energy-charged force out of which something new is created.

Vetiver, a classic ingredient in many men’s fragrances, was first “destroyed” and then reassembled, together with birch bark tar, Guatamalen cardamom, soft leather, ginger, Egyptian mimosa and grapefruit.