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Bel Epok is a strategic and creative agency for product, retail and packaging design and holistic, multi-channel communication. The core team unites strategy and communication specialists with a complimentary cluster of highly qualified design talent, with individual expertise in the areas of product, interior and graphic design.

Since its inception in 2001, Bel Epok has maintained a strong focus on premium and luxury markets, with special expertise in the international fashion, jewelry and watch, fragrance and cosmetics industries. After 20 twenty successful years in the business, developing and executing branding measures and designing targeted, bespoke consumer goods for leading and niche players in these markets is second nature to us. In other words, we come equipped with a profound understanding of the design and manufacture of exquisite, intelligent and sustainable products as well as a special grasp of the emotionality and aspiration of luxury goods. And we always continue to enhance and hone our expertise.

Bel Epok is comprised of four distinct divisions, each based on a different focus area: communication design; retail design; customer relations marketing; and packaging design. The divisions work independently, but can also be seen as building blocks, readily available as an effective value-added resource to serve the requirements of specific projects whenever needed.

Whatever our role, the work of Bel Epok always centers on the product. Our approach is to first fully apprehend the existing project emotionally and aesthetically, always in respect to brand cultural heritage.  This is the basis for developing communication and designing products that are consistently authentic, coherent and harmonious.


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