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VENUE is dedicated to concepts for full-scope retail environments based on our incisive understanding of product and product marketing.

Our deeply rooted product, packaging and brand marketing expertise enable us to develop compelling holistic retail environments perfectly attuned to product and brand. Our retail concepts go beyond the basic architecture to leverage the actual customer shopping experience, from the façade and windows on to the sales floor, and through to cash desk/wrapping. Equipped with a keen understanding of bricks and mortar trade, our store concepts are always developed to optimally fulfill to all relevant retail operations and visual merchandizing parameters.


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Enhanced Retail Services

With our team of architects and visual merchandising specialists we can serve the full spectrum of retail requirements. We believe in the perfect union of a well functioning sales floor and the individual customer experience. Our aim is always to create a compelling holistic orchestration of architecture, window display and product presentation to achieve a distinctive brand experience with lasting impact.

Retail Design

From development and realization of an individual store to international rollouts: all our retail concepts are based on a thorough understanding of visual merchandising and retail operations. For us, excellent design and architecture goes hand in hand with maximum functionality. This applies to holistic retail concepts designed for local realization in the individual markets, but also to one-off full-service projects, where we are responsible for the entire production and on-site implementation of the retail space.

Window & Display Design

Founded on a solid base of brand marketing expertise, we develop creative window and display case campaigns, deploying a wide variety of decoration elements, materials and media, including original digital content, always in response to the individual project. As specialists in the premium and luxury fashion and lifestyle industries we know how to target our visual merchandising expertise to achieve top performance in visual marketing for our customers.

Visual Merchandising

As highly skilled designers by trade, our work in retail design is always centered on the product. In our view, visual merchandising is not only the necessary backbone for successful concepts or visual display campaigns but also enables us to create sales floor under consideration of visual merchandising requirements. We pride ourselves for a decisive understanding for a sales performing presentation of product which enables us to create visual merchandising concepts from the development of guidelines to training manuals.

Pop-Up Design

In the scope of the merging trend of pop-up events in the International luxury retail segment Bel Epok has specialized on the conception and development of temporary retail presentations. We pride ourselves in designing unexpected out of the box pop-up concepts that create true surplus to the customers brick and mortar experience still perfectly in line with the brands codes and DNA.

↘03 References


We develop retail concepts and visual display campaigns for renowned brands in the premium and luxury segment, from local implementation to international rollouts in collaboration with our project partners.

Hermès, Window Display Spring 2024

The 2024 Spring Campaign for Hermès Germany was developed based on the annual theme “24 Faubourg”. Venue took the legendary address and, surveying the location, decided to focus on its rooftop gardens for Spring.


L’Opéra de Noël

The Christmas Season is a time of celebration, and music is the expression of it. One can clearly identify a specific feeling of merriness over Christmas: be it the cheer heard in a group of carol singers, the glee felt playing in the snow on a winter night or the joy of a family evening spent together playing games, there are certain scenarios which awake vividly in everyone’s imagination.


Window Display Autumn 2023

The 2023 Autumn Campaign for Hermès Germany was developed based on the annual theme “Astonishment”. 

Window Display Spring 2023

The 2023 Spring Campaign for Hermès Germany was developed based on the annual theme “Astonishment”. 


Pop-Up Mall of the Emirates Dubai

Piaget commissioned Venue to design and develop the luxury maisons global pop-up concept 2023, a space that could effortlessly feature their latest communication campaign ‚Piaget Society'.

Hermès, Window Display Spring 2021

For Hermès Germany Venue developed the Spring 2021 window display campaign based on the annual theme “une odyssée humaine”.


Audemars Piguet,
Window Display

Venue was commissioned to realize the summer windows for Audemars Piguet. The concept was based on the famous Swiss spaghetti chair. The design classic was reinterpreted into a window display that was rolled out globally.

Temporary Store Cologne

When in the beginning of 2019 Cologne Hermès store had to move into a temporary location for more than two years due to the reconstruction of the famous Dom Hotel, Venue was called in to develop the interior for the new retail space.


M2 Beauté,
Promotional Window

For the special promotion of M2 Beauté cosmetics eye care line Venue created digital window concept showcasing three mixed media animations that were displayed alongside an according social media campaign.

Parfumerie Spitzenhaus,
Interior Design

As a specialist for the luxury fragrance market, Bel Epok was called upon to create and realize a comprehensive concept for the new Swiss perfumery Spitzenhaus. 


Hermès, Window Display Spring 2018

Hermès called upon the 360° expertise of Bel Epok to provide full-service concept development, design and production of the spring 2018 window displays for its German stores under the prescribed theme “playing games”.

Window Display

Since 2018 Bel Epok is in charge of the conception and production of the seasonal window decorations for Gübelin. Venue here works in close collaboration with the in-house visual merchandising team of the renown Swiss jewellery maison.


Hermès, Window Display Spring 2020

Venues latest creation of the spring/summer 2020 Hermès windows was based on the annual theme ‘innovation’.

Hugo Boss,
Seating Area

Design of the Hugo Boss Seating Lounges for all POS worldwide. In addition to designing the complete furniture suits, this project included developing a special lighting design, as well as determination of the decoration elements, such as vases, blankets and cushions.


POS Display

Display materials are the luxurious highlight of our store design for Montblanc: working in close collaboration with a store design agency based in Paris responsible for the Montblanc shops, Venue developed a comprehensive program of display materials for the new Montblanc shop concept.

Hugo Boss, Window Concepts

For Hugo Boss Bel Epok developed a window display concept based on the predefined theme: Architecture Meets Nature.


M2 Beauté,
Instore Promotion

Underscoring the Bel Epok-developed M2 Beauté brand claim ‘Natural Beauty for Now’, Venue regularly designs special sales promotions for international retailers and duty-free sales. Our service spectrum here spans from conceptualization and design, technical detailing and project management to tendering, full-service production and on-site implementation.

Booth Concept

The internationally renown German sock brand Burlington engaged Venue to create the new store generation after followed up by a strategic repositioning of the brand in late 2019.


Window Display

Design and production of the window displays for the global rollout of the new generation ‘Chrystal Forest’ stores. Requirements revolved around the various key dates on the retail calendar. The Christmas window concept involved taking elements of the Swarovski world of products and reinterpreting them as abstract objects that served as highlight displays.

Bruno Delgrange, Store Concept

Development of a shop architecture concept for the French luxury saddler Bruno Delgrange. The challenge of this project was to develop a POS that elegantly and effectively unites traditional saddle products and a new accessories line. The design idea can be described as a “purest” interpretation of a saddlery workshop.


Hermès, Window Display
Spring 2019

Venue has realized the spring 2019 window campaign for Hermès Germany. The multidisciplinary agency design team interpreted the annual Hermès theme ‘dreams’ in an evocative concept individually adapted for optimal product presentation in a total of 28 windows at all 10 German store locations.

Swarovski, Window Cabinet

Development of a window cabinet for Swiss fashion jeweler Swarovski, implemented worldwide. The challenge in this project was to create a generic multifunctional window display unit to enable sales staff to simply and successfully merchandize a wide range of decoration themes. Venue was responsible for concept design, technical elaboration and prototype management.


Hugo Boss, Flagship Opening Paris

Concept development of the windows and the facade installation for flagship store re-opening of Hugo Boss on 115, Champs Elysées in Paris.

Maria Galland, Store Concept

Development of a flagship retail concept for the proposed pilot store of the brand in Paris.


Almost two decades of experience

Over the last 15 years, we have successfully realized a broad scope of various projects.
From high-volume commercial to high-end exclusive; from small-scale to broad-spectrum


Breuninger Subway, Instore Concept


Shiseido, Display Design


Modissa, Store Concept


Kurz, Window Display Design


La Prairie, Display Design


Montblanc, Instore Concept


Breuninger, Window Design


Cartier, Window Design


Dolce & Gabbana Fragrances, Display Design


Görtz 17, Store Design


Annemarie Börlind, Display Design


Montblanc, Window Display Design

Whatever our role, the work of Bel Epok always centers on the product, which must be coherent and harmonious. We must first fully apprehend the project emotionally and aesthetically, always in respect to brand cultural heritage.