Hugo Boss,
Flagship Opening Paris

Concept development of the windows and the facade installation for flagship store re-opening of HUGO BOSS on 115, Champs Elysées in Paris. Venue supported the inhouse retail design team on various creative and strategic projects in store design, creative showcase concepts as well as in the development of visual merchandising guidelines and the realisation of corresponding training manuals. A hallmark in the collaboration with Hugo Boss was Venues creative support on the opening of the brands new retail universe on Parisian Boulevard des Champs Elysées.

↗ Creative concept, design, technical detailing, initial prototyping


Objet Lumière

For the opening event of the store Venue created a light show concept that was to be displayed on the facade of the building. The light animation picked up on the window decorations that were designed under the motto ‚objet lumière‘.


Introducing the New Era

As the opening of the Paris store was the first time for the Hugo Boss to present the new holistic retail concepts embodying all lines of the brand, Bel Epok designed a special PR box that carried samples of the shop materials, next to an image brochure and the relevant image data for press releases.


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