onehundred delivers bespoke holistic gift proposals for premium and luxury customer relationship marketing, 
retail marketing and public relations applications

Distinctive Gifts
for Distinctive Brands

The Onehundred in-house team of design experts consistently delivers top-quality gift and packaging products with personalization and individualized delivery options.
And: we are also marketing specialists. Deeply rooted in the premium and luxury segment we know your market, we understand your customer, and we make it our business to quickly grasp the essence of your brand DNA. At Onehundred we design your bespoke corporate gift product as a coherent, value-added marketing platform for your brand. Our market-savvy communication design is the natural extension.

1) Card holder:
Calf leather with different grain,
hand painted edges, logo embossing

2) Backgammon:
Laminated Finepaper, Alcantara intarsia,
micro embossing, resin dices

Excellence in design with the added value of marketing experience - all from a single source

we are (about)

Design specialists

Our highly skilled in-house team of design experts dovetail expertise for exceptional, full-service solutions.

Brand specialists

We produce targeted bespoke proposals based on a quick, thorough grasp of brand DNA.

Marketing/communication specialists

We know the markets and how to leverage them in retail, CRM, PR and staff endorsement applications.

3) Scented candle:
Majolika caddy with cover, semi transparent seladon glace,
triangular profile brass base with white gold finish, scented bee wax

we offer (services)

Scalable product solutions

Exclusive limited editions in artisan production or high-volume industrial manufacture: proposals can be extended or reduced in scope (number of elements/ materials used) according to need and budget. Leveraging our relationship with established European manufacturing facilities that serve the luxury accessories industry, Onehundred is able to produce targeted product proposals in small editions for special events/occasions.

Our signature attention to detail and brand affinity also applies to designs for larger volume, lower cost production runs. onehundred product proposals are always a distinctive expression of brand DNA with unique appeal for the customer community. We can adapt designs for both broad distribution at POS and /or individual mail shipment.

From small editions
to high volume production

Strategic development of collections

Products developed as consecutive series or collections support clearly defined long-term goals for brand development and customer acquisition and retention.

As seasoned brand specialists we quickly grasp the essence of brands and their expression – a forensic understanding that then flows effortlessly into Onehundred product designs. Our concepts for customer gifts, promotional and special edition measures embody the specific brand DNA, with its inherent, often iconic codes, enhancing the existing offering.

The Onehundred team of expert designers develops coherent collection concepts that create a distinctive, high-value profile in extended GWP/CRM applications.

4) Matches box:
Laminted paper,
embossing in terrazzo optic

5) Bookmark: 
Photo etched brass with gold plating,
Silk cordstring

Continuous development

At Onehundred product development is ongoing. Working to hone and advance our capabilities, we regularly design and produce top-quality prototypes of new product proposals. These efforts to enhance our internal design resources results in a steady supply of genuinely exclusive, highest-quality product proposals.

International scope

From our headquarters in Cologne we draw on an extensive international network of handpicked suppliers to best serve our clients and their markets. Certified processes and products: all materials and manufacturing deployed in our proposals are 100% certified to the highest available standards, in some cases independently.

6) Mobile:
Ash wood, water based translucent paint,
organic cotton strings

In almost 20 years of international activity, onehundred has developed a distinctive profile that includes excellent international sourcing access and supply chain management skills

Holistic Single-source Proposals

The development and production of holistic gift collections including their packaging components goes hand-in-hand with demanding procurement requirements. As a full-service provider with exceptional expertise in sourcing and production Onehundred is synonymous with perfectly harmonized customer gift offerings across a broad spectrum of relevant product groups, including a unified bespoke packaging proposal.

Excellence in Packaging

Boks is our design division is for packaging expertise. Here we develop packaging products for the premium and luxury consumer goods of renowned international brands. All of our Boks solutions are based on a profound product affinity and almost 20 successful years in the segment.

Sustainable Production Standards

Onehundred is committed to conformance to the highest health, safety and environmental protection standards in materials and manufacturing, such as those associated with CE marking and similar certification. Onehundred routinely instigates additional independent testing in external laboratories to ensure adherence to highest quality standards.

7) Children mug:
Bisquit porcelain with animal relief, inside glaze, handpainted multicoloured bird,
laminted cardbord box with pop up scenery in fine paper

8) hourglass:
Hand-blown smoked glass, stainless steel with logo engraving and palladium finish, quartz sand, tube case in laminated fine paper

our customer (references)

Onehundred works for high profile and acclaimed international brands in the fashion, jewelry & watch, cosmetics & fragrance and food & beverage industries. Among our customers are top premium and luxury brands, which we will refrain from naming here to preserve integrity.

9) Baby rattle:
Sterlingsilver hollowware,
hand engraved self-winding globe

Whatever our role, the work of Bel Epok always centers on the product, which must be coherent and harmonious. We must first fully apprehend the project emotionally and aesthetically, always in respect to brand cultural heritage.

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