Parfumerie Spitzenhaus,
Interior Design

As a specialist for the luxury fragrance market, Bel Epok was called upon to create and realize a comprehensive concept for the new Swiss perfumery Spitzenhaus. The store is located in an extraordinary corner of Zurich, which, in the late 19th century, was home to many specialty shops for textiles, and also lace (Ger.: Spitze). Inspired by the history of the neighborhood and the building itself, Venue developed a distinctive, one-off interior design and architecture, including the purpose-designed shop furnishings. Our in-house design team succeeded in creating furnishings that, despite their necessarily large volume do not clutter up the space, so that the light and airy atmosphere and clear sightlines are maintained. The specially developed color concept, based on warm gray tones and gray-green nuances, makes its own subtle-yet-significant statement.

↗ Creative concept, technical engineering, prototyping, production, implementation



A special challenge in the design of the central furniture elements was the execution of its drawer fronts made from rounded glass. Venue here collaborated with a company specialized on the manufacturing of panes for sport motorboats.