Window Display Spring 2018

Hermès called upon the 360° expertise of Bel Epok to provide full-service concept development, design and production of the spring 2018 window displays for its German stores under the prescribed theme “playing games”.

Always mindful of a deep understanding of brand heritage, the in-house team of Venue design experts developed a concept based on three different classic children’s games: diabolo, hopscotch and soap bubbles. For a brand with its roots in equestrian sports, these are games in the purest sense of play: fuelled by movement, imagination, intuition and exploration, rewarded immediately with unbridled glee and a sense of wonder and adventure. These are not strategic, competitive games played to win against opponents, but dynamic, free-flowing activities enjoyed individually or together. The play itself is the purpose. This naïve, uninhibited, freeform play communicates the very essence of dynamism and the ageless pure joy of “spring bursting out all over the place”. In the window designs these games are interpreted in reduced, abstract forms that provide a clean, uncomplicated yet fanciful context for highlighting the detailed craftsmanship and fine finishing of the iconic Hermès product world. A particular challenge in realizing this design concept was meeting our own and our client’s high standards of excellence across the wide array of materials involved in production. Virtually all window elements were handmade by specialist, agency-sourced international suppliers – the “soap bubbles” by Czech glass blowers, the “diabolo tops” made with traditional bookbinding techniques. The powder-coating of the metal hopscotch numbers was, in fact, the only mechanical manufacturing process involved. 

In contrast to the bright world of child’s play, a very sophisticated, utterly adult color scheme was chosen for the game pieces themselves (soft white/clear glass) and the background and display elements. These are rendered in monochromatic subdued pastels that create a calm space for the dynamic displays that allow the Hermès spring product collection, with its bright, fresh and warm colors and trademark patterns, to really shine.


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