Relaunch Campaign

Annemarie börlind

Pioneering German natural cosmetics company Annemarie Börlind selected the full-service agency to spearhead the repositioning of its premium anti-aging skincare line Naturoyale. Bel Epok was responsible for the entire relaunch enterprise: concept development, design and production management, including materials and services sourcing, of packaging, texts, visual communication and all collaterals, including a special gift for Börlind Beauty Advisers.


The Naturoyale relaunch concept was inspired by the spirit and vision of company founder Annemarie Lindner (1920-2016). The Bel Epok design reflects her firm commitment to natural ingredients and innovative, scientific approach to product development. Our job was to reposition the classic skincare line within the steadily growing natural cosmetic market. With a no-nonsense target group of savvy 50+ women in mind, our watchword was elegant understatement. The aim was to communicate poetry and luxury without screaming it, indeed, to create packaging and communication products that are themselves luxurious.

Bel Epok based the comprehensive design concept on the twin brand definers “natural” and “scientific”. Nature is referenced in the color palette – brown, gold, and soft green shades inspired by the leaves of the linden tree – as well as the special tactile quality of the packaging material. Science is expressed in the graphic design, informed by elements of laboratory technology, such as the scale markings on measurement vessels.

A Bel Epok-designed illustration is another hallmark of the relaunch design. A new interpretation of a linden tree leaf – the company logo, a nod to the Lindner/Börlind name – the watercolor-inspired motif appears on primary packaging, tissue paper and communication materials. In keeping with a modern awareness the secondary packaging is not wrapped in cellophane. Instead a special Naturoyale sticker was designed as an elegant sealing touch. Sophisticated finishing techniques communicate the exquisite quality of the line and create a decisively positive, attractive presence at POS.


A unique unpacking experience is a key feature of the packaging design. Opening each individual item in the line is a special new sensuous activity that also anticipates the luxurious pleasure of using the product. After breaking the outer seal the discerning Naturoyale woman opens the box to find the product resting in a little “nest” printed with a quote from Annemarie Lindner. The product itself is wrapped in the printed tissue paper and sealed with another Naturoyale sticker. A tiny envelope with product information and a small applicator spatula for creams are also elegantly inserted in the support. With this attention to detail and direct, multi-layered appeal to the senses the Bel Epok Naturoyale relaunch design for Annemarie Börlind doesn’t just say luxury. Rather, it is itself luxurious.

Bel Epok solutions are holistic by design. The multidisciplinary agency team fuses expertise in the areas of product, packaging, brand, retail and communication design. Specialized in luxury and heritage brands, we work together to create exquisite and coherent multi-channel results.

Annemarie Börlind is a classic brand with a valuable legacy and an enduring dedication to product excellence.