Promotion Campaigns

M2 Beauté

In close collaboration with the effective ingredient cosmetics brand M2 Beauté for over more than 10 years Bel Epok Brand regularly develops promotion campaigns with the aim of continuously pushing the brands key products and bestsellers. Each promotion campaign is launched under a seasonal theme and next to special visuals consists of a large scope of promotion collateral for online and offline promotion. The span here runs from mailings with responsive elements, to special promotion product sets and retail windows and on-floor promotion to full social media content.


Summer Promotion 2019


Social Media

Bel Epok Brand develops and creates all social media animation for M2 Beauté such as photos or moving image. Most of the imagery is realized in Bel Epoks in-house photo studio in order to ensure short delays and maximum reactivity with regards to the brands online communication.


Promotion Product Sets

Each seasonal promotion is accompanied by a special product ‘discovery kit’, developed by Boks Bel Epoks packaging design division. Boks here realized a standard packaging that can effectively assembled with a front and back card that carries the design of the promotion. The card system allows to flexibly work on promotion packaging quantities and even enables special offerings of bespoke packaging in cooperation with selected retailers that require small scale quantities.

Additionally, the kits carry an add on gift in the general style of the individual campaign designed at Onehundred, Bel Epoks customer gift division.


Promotion Mailings

In order to enhance sales in bricks & mortar Bel Epok Brand develops postal and digital mailings in line with the promotion campaigns, that are often combined with responsive elements and equivalent GWP offers customers can pick up at POS. All promotional product offerings are developed at onehunderd Bel Epoks devision for bespoke customer gifts.


Sales Material

In order to support the sell-in initiatives of the seasonal promotions Bel Epok Brand is in charge of the development of the entire sales collateral material. The sales folders show the entire scope of the promotion from the product offering, the campaign concept and its marketing collateral to its implementation in standard or bespoke windows as well as sales floor promotion. 


Summer Promotion 2020